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Tried and True Methods Ensure Your Success in Bringing Up Happy, Kind, Generous, Independent Kids

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If you learn some simple basics, you’ll parent with confidence using power tools you can use immediately to handle challenges with your kids

Begin to Reduce Anxiety and Stress NOW with a PROVEN WAY to Handle Everyday Problems

  • Do you have a “problem child”?
  • Despite your best efforts do your kids “talk back” to you?
  • Are you refereeing children’s fights on a daily basis?
  • Do you often feel fed up and discouraged as well as embarrassed?
  • Are you yelling at your kids a lot?
  • Are you finding that punishing isn’t working?
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You see other families that seem to have it all together and often feel anxious and guilty because you can’t seem to get your kids to be kind to each other or to be respectful when they talk to you. In spite of yourself, you find yourself giving a spank on a bottom or yelling threats to “make” them behave.

I know what it’s like because I’ve been through it. When my two older boys were small, I was at my wits end because of their fighting. I was handling it all wrong and didn’t know any better way. Also, I had a picky eater who I was making worse because of doing all the wrong things and I didn’t know how to deal with a child who wasn’t staying dry at night. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to be an effective parent. I just didn’t know how.

The most wonderful thing happened when two parenting experts, a medical doctor and a psychologist came to our local school offering a special parenting course that I’d never heard of before but learned had been used successfully worldwide for decades. I jumped at the chance to learn to be a more effective parent. I learned to assess the problems in my home and, using powerful tried and true tools, along with a blueprint for using them, I was able to correct my mistakes and have a happier, more harmonious home.

I raised four wonderful children using the approach I learned and went on to take more courses qualifying me to help hundreds of other parents, who, like me, needed to find a better way to bring up their kids. I’m offering you an online parenting course that you can study and put into practice, with my personal help, in the comfort of your home and in the time you have available. No need to go out after a hard day to attend a class.

You may wonder how my approach stands above all the other parenting ideas you’ve seen in books, magazines and on the internet.

  • It’s based on rock-solid principles developed by famous doctors who helped thousands of parents learn to be more successful
  • It is well-established, not “flash-in-the-pan” or a fad
  • It’s simple, and it works!
  • When used consistently it will change your life the way it changed mine
  • It is a system, not a bunch of random ideas, and makes total sense. You’ll be astounded at its effectiveness
  • You’ll have access to my help between session
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You’ll find that…

  • Your relationship with your children will improve.
  • Your “problem child” will do an about-turn.
  • The relationship between your kids will be friendlier.
  • The family as a whole will begin to work like a finely-tuned machine.
  • Your kids will become respectful of you and of others and want to help out.
  • Your confidence as a parent will increase and your stress will lessen.

Right now, I have a special price for you for 3, 45-minute, one-one-one sessions with me by telephone or Skype audio, and the ability to connect with me for Q and A by email. All this for $99! A fraction of the retail price of 350.00 that I usually charge for this program!

I don’t know how much longer I’ll be offering this special price, so please, act now, and begin to have the family life you’ve always dreamed of.

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