Do you slap your toddler’s hand when she touches the TV? Do you swat the rear of your son when he does something wrong? Or, do you turn your child over your knee and spank his bottom when he misbehaves? In my family, it was Dad taking us to the bathroom and hitting our hands with his belt.

dad spanking child

It may interest you to know that the latest thinking of child-rearing gurus advises you to stop using corporal punishment. In fact, the Canadian government is repealing a law allowing spanking. In one of the “calls to action” of the new government, it calls corporal punishment “…a relic of a discredited past and has no place in Canadian schools or homes.”

Whether you live in Canada, the USA, the UK or elsewhere, you need to be aware that using spanking as an attempt to control your kids has serious repercussions.

1. Spanking doesn’t work long term Children will take any amount of punishment, spanking or otherwise, to get attention from their parents. You can spank and they’ll keep disobeying. Better to notice good behavior and develop a more effective way to inspire positive behavior.

2. What happens when they get bigger than you? There have been too many cases of teens using physical violence on parents and family members in families where corporal punishment has been widely used.

3. Kids grow to lose respect for parents who hit them. If you want to have a good relationship with your children through their childhood and into their adulthood, stop spanking. They won’t admire you or look up to you if you’ve “handled” them with hitting and spanking through their childhood.

4. If kids have been spanked, they often use force on others. They can grow up to think that physical punishment is the way to deal with frustration and anger. Bullies often come from homes where they themselves have been bullied. Relationships break down when slapping and battering occur as ways of handling disputes.

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You may believe that spanking is okay. You were spanked as a child and you “turned out alright”. But there are methods of handling misbehavior and inspiring good behavior that are far more effective.

Especially if you are an expectant parent, or a parent of a very young child or toddler, please consider learning new ways to inspire good behavior.

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