Parent With Confidence

Power Tools for Bringing Up Great Kids

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Change is possible!

A book for new parents, parents of children of all ages, expectant parents, grandparents and caregivers, with easily accessed information to handle common child-rearing challenges and everyday problems.

By using a tried and true system of raising kids that has been used successfully for over fifty years, you can achieve a calmer home and a happier family life.

This practical guide has a proven approach to bringing up great kids.

When used consistently, everyone in the family changes so that family life is more joyous and fulfilling.

Whether you are parenting alone or with a partner, work outside your home or stay home with your kids, this book has solutions you can apply right away.

When you read Parent with Confidence, you will:

  • Understand the reasons for your children’s misbehavior.
  • Inspire respect and cooperation in your children.
  • Learn how to handle misbehavior without yelling, nagging or punishing.
  • Find out how to set limits without using your size and power.
  • Help your children become considerate, generous, independent members of the community.

Grow your confidence as you find your best approach to raising your children – your way, with your values.

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