Does this sound like you?

You and your spouse or partner are working full time. You have two or three children. You’re stretching to make ends meet so you can pay your credit card bills. You’re struggling to find good daycare for after-school hours. You worry about how you’re raising your kids.

You want more time with them and feel guilty. You wonder if they’re “normal” because your friend’s children have reached milestones yours haven’t yet reached. You hardly ever have time with your spouse. And you rarely scratch out a little time for yourself now and then. To top it off, one of your kids is demanding a cellphone. Another is acting out a lot and talking back to you, making you feel angry and frustrated. Your kids bicker a lot. Don’t even mention the laundry and grocery shopping!

Life feels like it’s just too much!

Do you have someone to talk with about all this? Someone who will listen with understanding and who will work with you to make some changes so that your life will feel more manageable?

I’m interested in helping you with your challenges.  Please check out my coaching programs and you’ll find an affordable one for you.  I hope to hear from you.

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