GUEST POST from Bethany Emerson
Outreach Specialist,Ghergich & Co.

It may surprise you as you’re reading these words, but difficulty reading is still a problem—not just for children, but for adults. Consider this: The lack of basic literacy skills means that a child can be up to four times more likely to drop out of high school. And over 40 million adults can’t read a simple story.

Beyond tutoring and classes, there’s another tool that people can unpack in the arsenal of helping others to read: technology. Smart devices, including tablets and phones, as well as apps and other digital tools, are great to help push past the frustration that often accompanies reading difficulties.

With those tech tools, there are more methods that educators can use to engage those with reading troubles. They might be interested in listening to lectures, for examples, or like to follow along as an app “reads” the story to them.

What other ways can tech help develop readers? This graphic shares some ideas.

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