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No!! Not ANOTHER Parenting Label!

A variety of parenting methods have surfaced over the past few years. "Helicopter", "Free Range", "Tiger", "Gentle" and other parenting labels are floating around the parenting world. In my estimation, none is the right way to parent, and many have methods that...

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5 Ways to Encourage Kids and Maintain Your Leadership Role in the Family

How do you encourage your kids so they have good self-esteem, want to contribute to family life and grow up to be independent thinkers and self-sustaining adults while maintaining your leadership role in the family? Is there a way you can do it without being overly...

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How to be the (Gentle but Firm, Kind, Loving) Boss in Your Family

There has been well-publicized criticism of parenting in the news lately. Parents have been told that they are being overrun by their kids and that they are not performing their roles as heads of the family. This is pretty confusing for moms and dads who have made...

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What Are 3 Things Today’s Parents Do Right?

I don't believe that parenting has collapsed. There are a lot of "right" things today's parents are doing in raising their children. Here are three areas where many parents excel: 1. They are treating their children with dignity and respect. In other words, they are...

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“Collapse of Parenting”?

You may have heard about or read an article in Maclean's magazine ( in Canada or current publications in the USA, about the views of Dr.Leonard Sax, an American physician who has serious reservations about the parenting ability of today's parents. He has...

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If You Don’t Spank, What Can You Do?

With the close of Bullying Prevention Week just past, I must share with you how shocked I was to find out how many parents believe in spanking their children to "teach" them, or "discipline" them. I posted a couple of pictures on Facebook (see below), and while I got...

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Bullying – What are 6 Things Parents Can Do to Prevent It?

This is the last week of Bullying Prevention Month. I'd like to give you a formula that will minimize bullying both inside and outside of your family home: 1. Look at the following two pictures: Do you see the connection? If you spank your child, or just give her a...

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