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How to be a More Effective Parent with a Happy, Healthy Family-Work Balance

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  • Are you feeling fed up with your kids’ behavior?
  • Do you feel like your household is always out of control?
  • Have you felt isolated and alone when making parenting decisions?
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I can help you!

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Hello! I’m Carolyn Bond. I specialize in working with parents like you to reduce the stress of feeling like you could be handling things differently and more effectively in your family.

There was a time when my children were small, that I was frustrated and discouraged because, among other things, I couldn’t seem to stop my kids from fighting, or deal with one who wasn’t eating properly.

I just didn’t know what to do. The old ways of punishing and rewarding didn’t work. I was yelling at the kids, even though yelling didn’t accomplish anything except to make me feel guilty and incompetent.

I was lucky enough to trip across a way of raising kids that changed my life and theirs. This may be your lucky day too! Imagine feeling confident that you can handle any child-raising challenge that comes up!

I have a lot of ways that I can assist you. I have a blog where I’ve posted articles that I think would be helpful to you, and coaching courses where we can work one-on-one, together, to solve the child-rearing challenges that you’re facing.

Recent Blog Entries

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Could Co-sleeping lead to Marital Breakdown? (Yes!)

Co-sleeping or bed-sharing, sometimes called "the family bed", an arrangement where parents and kids share a bed, has had positive and negative reviews. While purported to improve the connection between baby and parents, what impact does it have on the parental...

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A Babywearing Rant

I’m risking losing half my parent following by writing this, but I can no longer hold my feelings in. I really don't like “babywearing”! I believe it isn't good for the baby, the mother and the mother's husband/partner. I've been struggling with the concept for quite...

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4 Steps to Becoming a Good Role Model for Your Kids

Becoming a good role model for your kids is vitally important if you want them to become the adults that you hope they will be. It's also challenging in many ways. It involves consciously making yourself an example of the way you hope they will live their lives. From...

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Parental Fears and Questions – A Solution

Many parents today are full of fear: first of all, the fear of even becoming parents, then after children are born, fear of doing something wrong, making a mistake, irreversibly hurting a child, and fear of not measuring up to family members, friends and neighbors....

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The Most Important Time to Put Down Your Smartphone

Are you tired of hearing how you need to spend less time on your smartphone or tablet? How you're approaching the level of addiction? While you may or may not agree, perhaps it's time to at least give it some thought, especially in one important area of your busy...

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Got A Question?

"I’m not sure about..." "Is it OK to...?" "What Should I Do When...?"

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What comes with parenting are questions, tons of questions. Are you looking for an answer to a problem? You might be worried about something or have a casual query that you’d like answered. If so, I’d like to help you.

Any question that you have is important to me and I will answer it to the best of my ability. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll find someone who does, with your permission. Confidentiality is ensured when you entrust your question to me.

Please click the button below. When I know how to reach you, I’ll be in touch.

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